About us

The new vital and fresh fashion has a name: Milord®,a brand or rather a passion conceived in 2013 by Milo Sechi and his collaborators. Designers, videomakers, photographers, 100% made in Italy models communicated and worked together in order to research and find the perfect garment. The perfection found is concentrated in an iconic black bowler hat that characterizes the original combination of chic and rock and the serious and ironic of this innovative fashion that satisfies the style and personality of those who choose to wear uniqueness.

Milord®   it has a mission to accomplish and being a dynamic and sprinting brand looks forward and from Italy it manages to create a market abroad thanks to the clothing it expresses through fabrics and graphics, concepts and creativity to wear at any time and occasion.

Milord and the Iconic Black Bowler Hat

The Milord® brand   is encased in a black bowler hat with an elegant cut, an icon that suggests the type of clothing: elegant, nice and colorful, but not excessively lively, neutral and linear, but at the same time elegantly provocative. A brand that deals with satisfying any taste and need of the customer, through the seriousness and imagination that distinguishes him, but above all thanks to the high quality of the fabrics with which the garments are designed and made.

The virtual showcase of the Milord brand

The vast catalogue, through which Milord®   he parades his creations, it is characterized by different types of clothing designed a little for everyone: men, women and children, garments that stand out from the usual thanks to the discreet creativity with which they were designed, but above all capable of transmitting different styles and personalities through small details and serious and ironic graphics. Sweatshirts, tracksuits, trousers, t-shirts, clothing suitable for those who have a passion for unconventional fashion, but above all made with the intention of making wear a unique accessory, elegant with a gritty and modern soul.

Milord, Made in Italy quality

The strength of the Milord brand is not only given by the charm of garments rich in provocations and contrasts, but also by the high quality of materials all Made in Italy, which are assembled by professionals of the trade capable of giving life to a simple fabric through a play of colors, prints and accessories inspired by the opportunities of life and the provocation sometimes necessary to live in society , often opposed and rivaled, in a positive and spiky way.

The seriousness and professionalism with which the company operates, the ability to draw with a smile a unique, serious and fun fashion complete the Milord brand and its desire to satisfy increasingly unique and sweetly captivating styles to wear on any occasion and moment.